Nolan and Abby McLaughlin

Lead Pastors

Prior to starting Motion Church in 2019, Nolan and Abby served as Student Pastors for 8 years in various churches across the country. Abby is a teacher in San Antonio and they have been married since 2011. They have a son named Kingston and daughter named London.
Nolan and Abby have lived in several cities across Texas, but San Antonio has always held a special place in their heart. Their dream is for Motion to be a place where people of every religious background, race, gender, and socioeconomic status can show up and feel not just welcomed, but at home. They believe that church should be something that's fun and enjoyable, and not endured. Their desire is that through a creative approach, loving relationships, and tearing down traditional norms, they can help see a movement of God created in San Antonio.